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In-Barn Stay

 Includes:  Stall, shavings, hoof cleaning, grooming, daily exercise on EuroXciser (walker),  and coastal hay 2x/daily. (Supplements supplied by owner). 

12x12 Stall - $30.00/Day 

12x24 Large Stall - $35.00 (Call for availability)

$27.00 per day if CFE provides the grain (12.8 pellets 2x/daily)

$2.00/extra per feeding for Alfalfa 





$15.00 per haul-in session 


AquaPacer Treadmill

 $45.00 per haul-in session 

ECB Equine Spa 

  $50.00 per haul-in session  



Includes full board, EuroXcizer,

Alternate Swimming and AquaPacer during the week. 



*Additional Services

Cold Laser Therapy Full Body - $65.00

PEMF Full Body- $65.00 treatment 

Cold Laser Therapy Pre or Post Show/Race - $45.00

MAPS ( Massage/Active/Passive/Stretching)  - $150.00 per horse

Equisport Full Body Massage - $30.00

Thermal Images - Starting at $35.00

Breathing Treatments - $35.00

Theraplate - $15.00 ($10.00 when boarding)

Track Rental - $15.00 per horse 

Bandages & wraps  - per request

Sale Fitting - $950 (includes feed)

SURE FOOT Equine Stability  - $15 per session

Equicore Resistance Band  - $45 per session


Additional Services - per request 




Equine Dentistry 





Price Schedule as of January 2022. Rates are subject to change.

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