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Live Blood Review

** Live Blood Cell Review is a quick, easy, effective, and informative tool to see if the blood cells are at ease or dis-ease.  Our horses cannot speak to us, so we need to learn ways to let their bodies speak to us.  Live blood gives us a way to help your horse by monitoring through his/her blood.

** LBR is easy - a fresh blood sample analyzed under high power magnification with a microscope by a technician or doctor trained in reading live blood. 

** What are we looking for?

                       ** Looking at the variations in the size, shape, ratio, and fine structure of the red blood cells, white blood cells,

                            platelets, and other blood structures.

                       ** Poor digested diet (leads to abnormalities to cell function). 

                       ** Chemicals and toxins in your horse’s environment. (from water to pastures)

                       ** Parasite (which represents a significant threat to the health of our horses)


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